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The Via Impact

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s still have a lot of living to do.

Via Cognitive Health is the spark individuals with cognitive decline need and the support their families and caregivers deserve. From the beginning, our impact has been focused on one thing, improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Physical Health, Meet Brain Health.

Via Cognitive Health uses a combined approach to combat the progression of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, helping to improve the quality of life and helping to delay the symptoms of the disease for as long as possible.

Why it Matters

Limited or no activity for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is often unintentional. This is largely the result of the demands from tired and overworked caregivers responsible for their loved ones’ physical and social health and nutrition.

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Why It Works

Via Cognitive Health’s nonprofit day programs combat Alzheimer’s through a combined approach in a safe and caring environment that caregivers trust with resources and guidance they can rely on.


Lifestyle Changes


Health of the Family


Planning for the Future


Cognitive Stimulation

The Via Cognitive Health Impact2023

Maintain Cognition


73% of Via members attending two or more days per week and at least six months maintained and sometimes improved scores on cognitive screening.

Decrease Care Costs


Day program costs 60% less than home health and nursing home care, with needs-based scholarships available to further assist those in need.

Decrease Hospitalizations


100% of day program members had no hospital admissions.

Maintain Wages


90% of working Care Partners were able to continue to work and maintain wages.

Affordable and Reliable Care is a Necessity.

You’ve heard the projections. The number of people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia is skyrocketing. Via Cognitive Health is here when your husband, your mother, your friend, or even you hear the words, “you have Alzheimer’s.”

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Hear From Our Community

Read first-hand accounts from members of the Via Cognitive Health community, and see why care givers and members choose us. Their stories reflect the depth of our commitment to providing innovative and compassionate care.

"Getting to know others with problems and that helps to deal with my dementia."


"The staff and members have given her a sense of belonging that had been missing from her life, and she feels like she's part of the best club in town."

Care Giver

"I feel better about myself. Best thing I could do."