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Early-Middle Stage Day Program

Program Features

Our specialized, research-based day programming model offers a place for members to safely spend time away from home in an active, engaging and stimulating environment. Through mental and physical exercise, plus socialization opportunities, our members are able to maintain a higher level of cognitive function for longer, all while participating in activities they genuinely enjoy.


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Cognitive Challenges

Via-General-Icons_Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes


Community Projects

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(Art, Woodworking, Music)

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Safety and Security

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Outcomes Focused

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Registered Nurses on Site

Facility Features


Courtyard and Putting Green

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Lecture Hall




Exercise Facility

Available Plans

Membership is available through monthly plans.  Program participants must have a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s Disease, or another type of dementia. Our specialized programming is designed for individuals that are interested in participating in our robust and diverse curriculum. This is not a late-stage program.  During the tour, a cognitive screening will be conducted.  The screening is delivered in a comfortable and non-clinical setting. 

Membership Plans

Exercising senior man, healthy lifestyle
  • 2 days per week $685/month
  • 3 days per week $925/month
  • 4 days per week $1,235/month
  • 5 days per week $1,495/month

Actual cost of care is higher, but rates are kept low due to the generosity of our donors.

Up to 60% lower than in home care.

Additional Rates Support

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Veterans may be eligible for coverage for the 2-3 day plans.

Long Term care will usually cover rates.


Needs based scholarship. Apply to see if you qualify

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Hear From Our Community

Read first-hand accounts from members of the Via Cognitive Health community, and see why care givers and members choose us. Their stories reflect the depth of our commitment to providing innovative and compassionate care.

"Getting to know others with problems and that helps to deal with my dementia."


"The staff and members have given her a sense of belonging that had been missing from her life, and she feels like she's part of the best club in town."

Care Giver

"I feel better about myself. Best thing I could do."


The Via Cognitive Health Impact2023

Maintain Cognition


73% of Via members attending two or more days per week and at least six months maintained and sometimes improved scores on cognitive screening.

Decrease Care Costs


Day program costs 60% less than home health and nursing home care, with needs-based scholarships available to further assist those in need.

Decrease Hospitalizations


100% of day program members had no hospital admissions.

Maintain Wages


90% of working Care Partners were able to continue to work and maintain wages.